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Rent auditions

Posted on 2nd Mar 2011 by Steve Smith

Auditions for all Lead Character and Ensemble parts for BrassNeck Theatre’s production of Rent will be held at Guiseley Theatre on Sunday 20 March 2011.

The timings for the day are as follows:

10:00 to 12:00 – Ensemble (Main Hall)

13:00 to 18:00 – Lead Characters (Strauss Room)

To obtain an audition piece, please contact Barbara Matthews on 01132505011 or by email

Those people auditioning for Lead Character roles that would also like to be considered for Ensemble roles should attend both sessions.

Lead Character auditionees should also make themselves available for recalls as required on Sunday 27 March 2011 (times to be confirmed following the first set of auditions). The recalls will also be at Guiseley Theatre.

Details of all the roles are listed below:

Roger Davis: High Tenor Rock Belt to A (playing age early-mid 20’s)
Roger used to be the ‘pretty boy front-man’ of a rock band. He is good looking but dissolute, and has let himself go since discovering he is HIV+. This role is a huge sing and requires a supremely confident performer; a truthful and sympathetic actor who can also hold the stage for sustained and complicated solos and duets. It would be ideal if he could also play guitar.

Mark Cohen: Tenor Rock Belt to G (playing age early-mid 20’s)
Mark is the outside eye – the character that doesn’t have HIV and the ‘survivor’. He documents the world through his camera. He can be quirkier or geekier looking than Roger. He needs to be able to hold the stage convincingly and take us with him on his journey. This role needs another truthful and sympathetic actor who can hold his own vocally in a series of high rock numbers. He also needs to be able to tango or at least be enough of a dancer to learn.

Mimi Márquez: Rock mezzo (to E) (playing age 19)
Mimi is Roger’s love interest. A mix of vulnerability and attitude, she lives for thrills, yet falls in love with Roger and pays the ultimate price for her pleasure seeking ways. Mimi will need to be a good & flexible dancer and comfortable not wearing a lot and dancing provocatively. There will be close physical contact with Roger and possibly Benny.

Tom Collins: Soulful/gospel Bass Baritone (playing age late 20’s – 30’s)
Collins is the ‘daddy’ of the group without being a patriarchal figure. Collins has been away and come back and brings a broader experience to bear. He gets beaten up at the top of the show and thereafter meets and falls in love with Angel – this will involve some snogging and close physical contact.

Benjamin Coffin III: high baritone/ mid-range tenor (playing age late 20’s)
Benny is the nominal ‘bad guy’ of the piece – who isn’t really a bad guy. The actor playing him needs to sympathise entirely with him. He is upwardly mobile where his contemporaries aren’t, but he is genuine and ‘means well’ and sees his own failings for what they are. We have to believe he has genuine feelings for Mimi.

Joanne Jefferson: High belt gospel/rock mezzo to G (Playing age up to 35)
Joanne is a civil rights lawyer – another upwardly mobile character, she combines a feisty exterior with a needy interior. Her love for Maureen makes her vulnerable but she can give as good as she gets. As with Mark, Joanne will need to be able to tango. The part will involve some snogging and close physical contact with Maureen.

Angel Dumott Schunard: High Tenor / falsetto (Playing age 18+)
Angel needs to be played by an engaging and charming actor who can avoid being a camp parody and really make us care about this complex character. Angel will need to be comfortable snogging and being in close physical contact with Collins and being dragged up.

Maureen Johnson: high rock belt mezzo/sop to E (playing age mid 20s)
Maureen is a fantastic part but one of the hardest to play. Over The Moon really defines the character and the actor playing her needs to able to put their own stamp on it. As well as delivering the number she must convince us that she can play this self-absorbed, kooky diva and make us care about her. Maureen will need to be comfortable in close physical contact with Joanne.

Ensemble: approx 6m 6f of varying ages, looks and sizes
The ensemble is actually a string of named character parts that provide the fabric of the show. They will be on-stage a lot of the time and should be able to provide individual attitude and a quirky or interesting look that fits the piece. First and foremost they must be able to deliver a strong vocal. The ensemble audition will include some movement.