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The Full Monty auditions

Posted on 31st Aug 2011 by Steve Smith

Auditions for The Full Monty will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday 25 September 2011 atYeadonTown Hall.

A full cast list is below.  If you wish to audition for a part please contact Barbara Matthews on 0113 2505011 or my email here.

Full Monty Character Descriptions


The main character in the show and the instigator of the stripping idea. On stage for most of the time and has a couple of songs. Unemployed mill worker, desperate to provide money for and gain the respect of his son Nathan and also to get back with his estranged wife Pam. There is a bit of a “Jack the lad” about him- streetwise but hopeless as a provider. Loves is son. Masculine and attractive to the ladies as a “bit of rough” can be- but not necessarily good looking.


His son. Several good scenes. Loves both of his parents and wants them to get together. Proud of his Dad’s unusual method of getting money and ready to support him through thick and thin.


Small part. Living with Pam and helping to bring up Nathan. Considers Jerry to be a waste of space. Could be any physical or character type.


Unemployed mill worker. Good part with some singing. Husband to Georgie and best mate of Jerry. Worried about being overweight. Desperate to slim so long as it doesn’t affect his food intake. Afraid to tell Georgie about his stripping practice. Several funny scenes.


A good part with spome singing. Before unemployment was a supervisor and feels he and his wife have some standing in the community. A bit older than some of the strippers and possibly the proudest.


Good medium sized part with some singing. Unemployed lonely young man, closet gay, living with his aged mother and very much under the thumb. Dragged into the stripping idea by Jerry and Dave as they rescue him from a suicide attempt. Perhaps the most sensitive character in the show with perhaps the widest range of emotions. Befriended by Ethan.


Good medium part with some singing. The most of eager of the strippers. Gay scene. The character has an impressive manhood though this not need be the case with the actor ? Boisterous and a bit of a hot head but with a caring side to his nature. Befriends Malcolm.

Noah (horse)

Good part with a song and a dance Slightly disabled with a walking stick. The word “black” in his song can be replaced with something like “big” or “brash”. His main problem is that the punters at the strip will expect him to have a large manhood, when he clearly hasn’t. Comedy plays it’s part here.


Small part. Union leader. Unsuccessful auditionee for the strip group. Has comic and hopeless audition dance.


One scene at the graveside, when he conducts the funeral of Malcolm’s mother Molly. One good long speech. Could be played with many different attitudes.


Small part. Club owner. Sharp business man type. Amused by the attempts of the would be strippers.

Buddy (Keno)

Good part though he appears only three times throughout the show. Opens it up with a strip down to very brief “briefs” or posing pouch ? Must have a good body and be confident parading it around.


Good medium part with some singing. Wife of Jerry, living with Teddy and mother of Nathan. Cynical about Jerry with no confidence in him. Possibly still hankers after him. Appears to be hard but this is probably a front. No nonsense speaks her mind.


Good medium part with some singing. Wife of Dave and even fond of his rather chubby body. Good dramatic scene when she discovers he is practising to be a stripper. Big loud speech at the beginning of the show at the club, when she introduces Buddy, the professional stripper.


Medium part with one good song. Harold’s wife therefore probably older than some of the girls. Unaware that her husband is out of work. Strong character. Perplexed with Harold’s actions but still on his side.


Medium part but with perhaps the best dialogue of all the ladies. Older woman with a very colourful past. Pianist for the strippers auditions. Essentially comic with her observations. Much married and therefore with no illusions about the naked male body.


Small part for the character actress, Malcolm’s elderly mother. Most effective if played as wheelchair bound. Obviously keeps Malcolm on a tight rein. One scene with good dialogue.


Medium part. Jerry’s occasional girlfriend. Bit of a rough Bitch.

Susan and Joanne

Small parts. Friends of Pam and Georgie. Clubbers and out for a good time.