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Whistle Down the Wind auditions

Posted on 30th May 2012 by Steve Smith

BrassNeck Theatre will be holding auditions for ALL principal & company roles for the fantastic Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Whistle Down the Wind on Sunday 8 July 2012 at Yeadon Town Hall

The production will be performed at Yeadon Town Hall from 14 – 18 May 2013.

The approximate audition times are below:

Children company- 09:00 am – 10:00 am
Children principals – 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Adult company – 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Adult principals – 2:00 pm onwards.

All adults will need to attend the company audition, even if only wishing to audition for a principal role.

To register your interest, and to obtain audition pieces, please contact Anne Weston by email at or via her mobile on 07769 665449.

A character plot & song list is below for your information:

The Man, age 25 – 35: Very demanding lead male role. Excellent singer and experienced actor. Tenor with top note of a B flat. Must fit the ‘classic Jesus description’ and be credible as the children believe he really is Jesus. A manic, hunted man, who must have the power to move the audience emotionally.

Swallow, playing age 16 years old: Very demanding lead female role. Excellent, experienced actress and singer. Mainly a mezzo but has 1 high F. It is envisaged a slightly older girl will have the maturity to cope with this very large role [on stage virtually throughout the show] with many key songs solo duet and group. However it is vital she has the innocence and naïveté to convey and make credible her unshakeable belief in Jesus. Good Southern American accent.

Brat, Swallow’s younger sister age range 8 – 13: experienced young actress, good singer for solo singing and group singing. Lots of dialogue and good Southern American accent required.

Poor Baby, Swallow’s younger brother age range 8 – 11: experienced young male actor, good singer [an older boy could sing the part if he has unbroken voice] for solo singing and group singing. Lots of dialogue and good Southern American accent required.

Amos, late teens, early 20’s: Must have great rock voice and good acting skills. [Tenor Needs to hit a top B]. Southern American accent required. Amos is the cocky Harley Davidson-riding ‘James Dean’ type character. The rebel of the musical, keen on Swallow but planning to leave town with equally rebellious girlfriend Candy.

Candy, late teens early 20’s: Amos’ girlfriend – a rebel rock chick. Black actor required.  Needs good singing voice and acting skills. [Mezzo – Top note is D# ]. Southern American accent required.

Boone, age 35 – 45: the children’s father recently widowed and struggling to cope with his young family especially his almost grown up daughter Swallow. Excellent singer and actor required. [Tenor – Top note G# / A flat]. Southern American accent required.

Edward 40s – 60s: the family retainer character who looks out for the kids and family. Black actor required. Excellent singer and actor required. [Baritone Top note is F# ]. Southern American accent required.

Sheriff 35 upwards: Typical small town Sheriff. He is concerned about the safety of the townsfolk with an escaped convict loose in the town. Dialogue and some solo singing [Baritone – Top note is a D]. Southern American accent required.

Preacher 45 upwards: The leader of the revival meetings. Uses snakes to gain religious recruits! Good actor with some Singing [Tenor – Top note is A]. Leads Wrestle with the Devil company number. Southern American accent required.

Earl age 20’s/30’s: travelling with the religious revivalists. Snake handler. Some singing, Bass / Baritone and dialogue.

The Minister age 40 – 60: the town’s church minister who promises “The Saviour will Return” – hence why the kids believe the Man is Jesus! Some dialogue, ensemble singing. Southern American accent required.

Deputy 25 +: Some dialogue and company singing. Southern American accent required.

Townspeople/Snake handlers/Mob/Shop owner/Newscaster: – all ages for various small speaking roles. Lots of company singing. Southern American accent required.

Children chorus [May have2 teams of nine children – boys and girls in each – aged 8 – 16]: Good character actors/singers required. Some solo lines both dialogue and singing. Southern American accent required.

Musical Numbers
ACT 1 
The Vaults of Heaven Company
Overture Orchestra
What’s he Doin’? Edward/Swallow/Brat/Poor Baby
I Never Get What I Pray For Swallow/Brat/Poor Baby/kids/Amos Earl
Home by Now Swallow/Brat/Poor Baby
Cold On the Radio Three voices or recorded
It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This Boone
Whistle down The Wind Boone/Swallow
The Vow [I Always Prayed] Swallow/Brat/Poor Baby
Cold Edward/Townsfolk
For the Sake of the Children Sheriff/Townsfolk
Unsettled Scores [Soliloquy] Man
If Only Swallow/Man
Tire Tracks and Broken Hearts Candy/Amos
Safe Haven Townspeople/Deputy
Long Overdue for A Miracle Various named children
When Children Rule the World All Children
Annie Christmas Man/Children/Poor Baby
No Matter What Company

Opening Act Two Ensemble
Try Not To Be Afraid Man/Swallow
Let’s make a Promise Amos
A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste Amos/Swallow/Man
Tire Tracks and Broken hearts [Reprise] Candy/Swallow/Amos
Over Here Earl
If Your Mother Boone
If Only (Reprise) Swallow/Poor Baby
Charlie Christmas Man/Swallow/Children
So many Cries Man
Off Ramp Exit to Paradise Candy
Now the Noose/Safe Haven (Reprise) Townsfolk/ Mob/ Poor Baby/ Swallow/ Earl
Wrestle With the Devil Sheriff/ Preacher/ Townsfolk/ Candy
No Matter What /The Hunt Townsfolk/ Mob/ Children
There’s A Prayer [Reprise] Swallow
Nature of the Beast Man/Swallow
Fire sequence/Thunder/Whistle down the Wind Kids/Company/Boone